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Top Rated Nationwide SEO Company
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Searches related to orange county seo

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California Search Marketing

California Search Marketing

It’s no secret that an effective California SEO and website marketing strategy is key to a successful leads online. If customers can’t find you on Google, Yahoo or Bing, you won’t get clients or sales. That’s why you need SEO. The right California SEO company will get your page ranked high and boost your business. The wrong Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA SEO service company can cost your business thousands of dollars or annual sales.

Clark SEO team has 13 years with over 1000 websites with award winning programmers.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Meta Tag Optimization Services Orange County Los Angeles CA

Meta tags are hidden coded website instructions unseen by the naked eye, but read by the search engines, and weighed as an important factor in ranking on page one or getting targeted traffic through organic SEO.

The meta title actually appears as the title on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing if your listing comes up. Think of the meta title as the title/subtitle of a book. It is the first thing people see on the shelf and it should grab attention but also have keywords, as keywords are gold in terms of ranking your website to get leads and online sales. Each page of the website requires unique and well crafted meta tags for the best results. There are also tactics that help in CTR (click through rate) - the amount a searcher clicks your ad after they read the description. (On a side note the meta description is not always the text that search engines pull up to display your ad. It depends what was searched. Many times, content in the body of the website will be pulled.)

There are many more meta tags but the second important is the description meta tag. Think of this as your 3 second sale. The searcher needs to believe your website is worth clicking through for the product/service or information. The ad copy needs to be professional but keywords for ranking are important here as well, so a mixture of keywords and sales is the best route.

The meta keyword is debatable but still used. Orange County Los Angeles CA has 13 years experience learning from thousands of clients. Let us Help you.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Updating your website & website maintenance Orange County, California.

Maybe your site has gotten large enough the updates are taking more of your resources than you can afford. Perhaps you have gotten busy and need somebody to take care of your website updates for a while. Could be too, the needed changes are a little more than you feel confident in handling on your own.

Website knowledge

Website maintenance is something like auto maintenance. (you walk away asking what you paid for and if you overpaid). Many costly problems from people trying to save money and do it themselves SEO - terrible idea and it will cost you.

Find your website needs.

Many times the needed changes to a company website will go undetected by the average free or heap web builder software. Certain aspects of code clean-up and webpage reformatting should be taken care of periodically to keep up with changes in the search engine algorithms to allow you to maintain the best possible placement for your website.

Don't stop web maintenance

Changes need to be performed periodically even if none of the information about you or your company need updated. You should look to see that any copyright dates or time sensitive data has been updated properly, or that no hackers or bad code snuck into the website.

Search engines are watching: and they LOVE updates

Search engines pay attention to when a webpage has been updated ir edited with content. This will undoubtedly directly effect your search result placement.

Dedicated Hosting Services Orange County Los Angeles CA

Dedicated Hosting Orange County Los Angeles CA

Our web and IT department has dedicated servers with Secure Socket Layering on which we can host your website. Our server is loaded with the latest version of the C-panel control panel making it easy for you to edit your website, or use a SEO company to optimize the site, report website statistics and many other features and functions.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Web Hosting Orange County

Our Web Hosting Support

The Clark SEO Web Hosting support team is dedicated to help you make things happen. We understand web hosting and know what it takes to make your hosting experience a continual success. Not all hosting services are created equal and your company may or may not need a full list of every service. We keep things simple and we keep our prices fair. In order to be a full service Web Hosting Company, we can offer shared and dedicated hosting and fully customized solutions. Method Technologies is your Web Hosting Company.

Shared Linux Hosting
Shared Windows Hosting
Dedicated VPS
Custom Solutions

Friday, September 20, 2013

Orange County Website checkout payment gateway systems.

Clark SEO in Orange County California and our web partners offers a full variety of services including Website with checkout payment gateway systems. Shopping carts, SEO, blogs, Wordpress sites, ecommerce and more.

Todays buyers search Google, Yahoo, Bing or online for shopping. It's easy to use a cart, pay with credit card or Paypal and have it shipped.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How can SEO improve your sales in Orange County, Los Angeles, CA

How can SEO improve your sales and help your Orange County/Los Angeles website increase your profit?

1) People use the Internet to find services providers or products

2) To find them, they use keywords and Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing...)

3) After this point, Search Engines take the control and display websites

4) Only the websites listed on the 2 first pages have a chance to be visited

5) SEO experts know how Search Engines rank websites and can get your website moved to the Top 10

6) Top ranked means more traffic, more sales and more profit.

7) A proper SEO campaign will boost effectively your business and is your key towards success.