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Top Rated Nationwide SEO Company
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Link Building Services Orange County, California

Clark SEO - an Orange County SEO company - have been building links for websites for the past 13 years and stay in tune with proper linking strategy, technique and placement.  SEO that worked in the past may not work today;  using outdated link-building strategies can create penalties or banishment from Google, Yahoo, Bing and minor search engines like AOL and Dogpile.

Our link building services in Orange County SEO, located on the web at, comply with Google, Yahoo and Bing to achieve top rankings and to avoid penalties in the longrun.

 Professional SEO campaigns depend on several factors.  Keyword selection is important, but link building, and diversity of links is just as, if not more important - but they need to be stitched together. The SEO experts at our Orange County SEO agency analyze in depth your website, to determine the best course of action..

A custom backlink program is needed to establish authority in the online market. With Panda and Penguin and Hummingbird and Frog (ok I made that up) algorithms from Google, SEO content and on and off page website factors  impact rankings in a new way.

The wrong link strategy can make you lose rankings.

Website authority does not just happen. It takes time, and SEO experts. One good link is better than 1,000 worthless links. Google and other search engines love links - the right links - as they equate it to a vote, or popularity contest, which makes authority.  Unethical SEO is all about the short term, quickie link building campaign. Not wise. Many websites lose rankings, sometimes forever. So experience counts. And we have 13 years of experience.

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