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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Top 10 SEO Strategies and SEM Techniques for Online Marketing Websites

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1. Buy a domain name hosting in advance, or an aged domain at auction. Age is a factor in trust and rank on search engines.

2. Don't use duplicate content: on your site, blogs, press releases, etc.

3. Know the title tag is one of the most important meta tags in SEO. 55-65 characters. Use keywords.

4. Diverse backlinking is key. Ensure links to your site are theme related and not a penalized website.

5. Pay attention to your local marketing. Are you a national, international or local business? List yourself on Google Places and Yahoo and Bing Maps if you are a local business.

6. Optimize your website for long-tail keywords, or key terms with 3-5 words. Not every search uses 1 or 2 words to search.

7. Use city, county, state, country names in your content to geo-target traffic.

8. Utilize your brand within your SEO content, metas, and social media.

9. Use analytics. Google Analytics is easy and free to sign up. Track your website consumers and conversions in ecommerce.

10. Mix it up: mash all your content together with social media, videos, blogs, local listings, business profiles like Linkdin and Facebook, pay per click(PPC) campaigns and press releases.