Top Rated Nationwide SEO Company

Top Rated Nationwide SEO Company
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About Us: SEO California

California SEO and Web Design Services

For the past 12 years a team of online marketing experts at Clark SEO has optimized over 600 websites utilizing high-end, organic and trustworthy white hat SEO techniques and the latest search engine technology. Unlike other Orange County SEO firms our company provides long lasting results, real-time monitoring of web stats, excellent customer service and reasonable pricing on a month to month contract. We work with entreprenuers, small businesses, medium sized businesses and corporate clients to help increase targeted traffic and lead generation in a variety of industries.

We know more than most SEO's. But charge less and offer more.

Go to and type in "orange county seo" or related and you'll find us on page 1. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable with an SEO company that can can beat competition in their own field? We were one of the first Orange County SEO firms, and continue to stay on top.

Month to month. No bi-annual or annual contracts.

We want a relationship, not a dictatorship. We retain 87% of our organic SEO customers. We don't need anything but great results to keep them coming back.

No tricky stuff. Just the truth.

Each SEO client's situation is different. No matter what your situation is, Clark SEO will give it to you straight so you don't waste time or money. We don't like wasting our time, and we know you don't like wasting your time. We leave the sleazy stuff to the other SEO firms.

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